About Us


Mersin Marina was tendered with the "Build-Operate-Transfer provisions of the Law No. 3996, without allocating resources from framework of the "State Investment Program", and was completed of Transport and Infrastructure. It is a Tourism Facility serving in a Tourism Incentive Law No. 2634 and the Marine Tourism Regulatio

Mersin Yacht Port Management Inc. started its activities as Mersin Marina from 2011 upwards

Mersin Marina is the largest marina in the Eastern Mediterran with mooring capacity of 500, a parking capacity of 500 on land and a understanding of the inner city marina. It was designed with the understanding of an urban marina. Mersin Marina has brought a new quality of life to our city and the region.

Our Mersin Marina facility, which is evaluated as a 5 anchor marina by ministry of Culture and Tourism:

Marine Tourism Facilities Tourism Operation Certificate

Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV) Blue F

T.R. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Coastal Facility Operatin Permit

T.R. Mersin Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Zero Waste Certificate

T.C. Mersin Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment Permit and License Certificate


Our Vision


The service quality of the enterprise is defined as increasing the approach, making it a pioneer in institutionalization and regional d and international brand.

Our Mission


As Mersin Marina Operations, our mission is to create value for al standards and strategies in the sector with a sustainable manage

Our Marina


In line with our service understanding: General information and navigation information, ease of transportation due to the city marina, proximity to national and international airports, shopping and social activities, supermarket, brand stores, restaurants, cafes and bars, parking facility, children's entertainment area, sports, fitness. & spa, swimming pool facilities, marine supply store.

Our Privileged World


24/7 security and monitoring with closed-circuit security syst mooring service.

Diver services, safe mooring of boats, water and electricity facilities,hot shower and toilet, facilities for disabled people, dishwashing and laundry facilities.

Sea towing and launching service with 160 Ton capacity TravelLift, parking on land, boat dock ramp, maintenance and repair by technical service operators.

Waste recycling service, bilge water and waste oil collection service, helicopter pad service are offered.

First Step


The Sailing and Yachting Sports Club of our company trains future sailors with marine and sailing trainings. It is one of our main missions to bring our sailors With boat raices and regattas.

It holds the title of being the marina that organizes the first yatching races of East Mediterranean.



Mersin Marina, designed with the concept of "City Marina and Social Living Area" at the point where Mersin meets the sea, has been in service since 2011. A breakthrough was made in marine tourism in the second half of the 20th century in developed coastal countries and especially in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the circulation of people and yachts in the region, the development of a society oriented towards marine tourism has been achieved. While the economic and social developments of our age provide the opportunity for increasing masses to travel, shortening working hours, extending holidays, on the other hand, increasing the level of welfare and increasing interest in yachting, our marina operation has led to the birth of a region that provides service and living space around our marina.

Located in a historical and strategic Mediterranean port settlement, our Mersin Marina facility provides service with a capacity of 500 moorings at sea and 500 parking spaces on land.